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Community support is nothing new for SAP administrators and F5 is proud to be opening this venue for SAP users to share their concerns and ask for help. Our SAP team is ready to share all our knowledge, but more importantly, provide a way for users to connect with each other.

This forum augments the SAP Community Network (SDN: https://www.sdn.sap.com), America's SAP Users Group (ASUG: http://www.asug.com/) and other worldwide groups, but with the specific focus on application delivery questions, information sharing and problem solving.

Deployment, upgrade, acceleration, availability, security, storage, virtualization and more are all in scope for this forum. Our SAP staff at F5 will join the conversation and leverage our abilities to help out with the spirit of fostering solutions and community involvement and problem solving.

As we compile solutions and answers we will keep a running Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section as well. So subscribe to this forum, or check back often, and most importantly post if you have a question or would like to started a discussion.

We're looking forward to giving back to the community and helping each other succeed.

Nojan Moshiri - Product Management Engineer, F5 Networks, Inc. - September, 2008
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