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Persistence cookie hash failed

Just in case someone else might want to know the answer to this question ...

In 9.3.1 we would see the message in /var/log/ltm:
   May 26 05:24:39 tmm tmm[1217]: 01010011:3: Persistence cookie hash failed
On 10.1.0 we now see the more useful message:
   May 26 05:58:36 local/tmm2 err tmm2[24813]: 01010011:3: Persistence cookie hash failed (Server side: vip=your-virtual-name profile=http pool=your-pool-name)

When asked what the error message was trying to tell us, the Support Center said:
   "I did some research and found that this message is logged for requests where the cookie is empty."

When asked about where these messages would be documented, they said:
   "We do have an internal Request for enhancement (RFE) requesting for an error messages manual to be produced."
Let's hope that comes out sooner rather than later

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