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VE on single subnet

I have a remote LTM VE that has only one subnet available.  I configured the Mgmt IP but can not configure a Self IP without getting an error. I tried to setup a simple Virtual Server with an address and nodes that are in this subnet and it does not seem to work and I believe it is because the self ip isn't created.

 Does anyone have suggestions on how I can get this working.  
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Answers to this Question

It is not because a self IP address isn't created; you can create virtual servers and pool members with arbitrary addresses, regardless of whether or not the LTM participates in those IP networks. The problem is that you cannot create self IP addresses, virtual servers or pool members on the management network. Traffic processing and the management port must use different IP networks.

This does not mean that they cannot use the same L2 network, just that they must be on different L3 networks. When I am faced with this scenario, I use the console to create a vlan and a self IP. I set the management port to an address on some irrelevant IP network. This is not ideal, but it will work fine.