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WOM and iRules

Here's a question for you clever people,

If i want an iRule to process in a WOM solution to offload traffic to a forwarding IP server if it meets certain criteria, which Virtual should i apply the iRule to, should it be the iSession_virtual of the endpoint or should i apply it to each server and have specific iRules for different forwarding... I.E for https requests to a specific ILO management range I  would have an iRule with the following in,

 if  [ ! ( {IP::addr [IP::server_addr] equals  
     virtual bypass

The virtual bypass is the forwarding IP server.

I am also adding a bunch of client_addr specific statements below this for certain laptop connections to https management pages.

Any suggestions on a design solution which might work would be awesome. As iRules are not implicitly designed for WOM uses really.
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