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Active standby pool members

I'm currently using Priority Group Activation method to accomplish my first objective and it's been working great. However, I have more requirements than just active standby real servers. The situation gets complicated when my primary server fails and later comes back online. When it fails, there is no question about it, all requests will hit the standby server. Here's a tricky part when the primary comes back online. Because of the Priority Group Activation that I have above, when the primary comes back, all traffic would go back to the primary. This is NOT what I want. My new requirement is that when the primary comes back, I still want my traffic to hit the standby unless I want to manually force the standby offline. Some people in this forum have suggested to use Destination Address Affinity in combination with Priority Group Activation. Now before I go into details, I wanted to be clear on my objectives.

  1. Primary and standby, all traffic goes to primary
  2. Important: ssh traffic, I don't want my connections to be closed or reset when failover occurs
  3. When primary fails then later comes back, I want my traffic (new and existing) stays on the standby until I manually take the standby offline.
  4. When both nodes are online (important, especially after the primary is recovered from a failure), I don't want requests to hit both servers due to Priority Group Activation and destination Address Affinity combination.

How do I achieve all of those objectives above? Please advise.

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Enable manual resume on your health monitor.
And change (under advanced configuration) your pool response to load balancing fail to reselect.