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Hi all,

I included around 60 LTMs in HPNA due to some bugs in Enterprise Manager.

I updated SNMP strings using tmsh commands to all active LTMs. I need the command for sync the devices manually.

Please do the needful.

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I just deleted my previous response. It was simply wrong.
In case all your devices belong to a SYNC-FAILOVER device group (i.e. 'device-group-failover'), you can synchronize them from CLI with the following command:

tmsh run cm config-sync to-group device-group device-group-failover

Perhaps your SYNC-FAILOVER device group got a different name. You can check it as follows:

tmsh list cm device-group one-line | grep 'sync-failover' | awk '{print $3}'

By putting the command above in backticks you can combine it with the sync command in a single line:

tmsh run cm config-sync to-group `tmsh list cm device-group one-line | grep 'sync-failover' | awk '{print $3}'`

thank you Stephen... will check that. thanks a lot again..:-) :-)

By now I saw it only once: an empty configuration was synchronized to the peer. That´s why please make sure to run a daily configuration backup (as provided by the F5 EM) before applying the syntax above to a crontab on one device per device group. As well please be cautious with the direction of synchronization. The command above will sync from the current device to all members of the sync-failover group it belongs to.

Hi Stephen... Thank you.. the command which you given is working perfect for 11.x version. tmsh run cm config-sync to-group `tmsh list cm device-group one-line | grep 'sync-failover' | awk '{print $3}'` any other command for all versions.. or please can you help me on getting seperate commands for 10.x /less versions

Hey. The command to do the sync is: tmsh run cm config-sync (to-group | from-group) 'device-group-name'. The command to display status is tmsh show cm sync-status.

thank you Lies. as i told you i have a set of devices in HPNA. say example LB01a - active ; LB01b - standby LB02a - active ; LB02b - standby LB03a - standby ; LB03b - active i need to sync all these devices using common command... like updating snmp string to all LBs using a single command. is there any possibilities

Hi Mareeswaran, there is a good article on the subject on AskF5. Please see SOL7024 for details.
The concept of device clustering changed completely with the introduction of v11 to become more flexible and scalable.
The previous deployment was limited to 2 units only. Always make sure your units are synched with NTP:

watch -d "ntpq -p"

Sometimes a timestamp mismatch prevents a config sync. Failing SCCP communication may also impact the config sync operation on the previous H/W platforms, if I remember right.
Please keep in mind, that a "full_box_reboot" is required to restart the SCCP as well. Maybe some units (and SCCP) have a longer uptime than 497 days.
Thanks, Stephan

Thank you Stephen, it worked.

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