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Add weblinks into APM main login page.

Hi all,

I want to add useful web links into APM main login page.Is it possible? If yes ,how can i add them?

Thank in advance\Christos

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Yes you can, best option would be to look at Advanced Customization:

Access Policy ›› Customization : Advanced

In here you need to locate the logon.inc file,

Customization Settings
> Access Profiles
  > <Profile Name>
    + Common
    + Logout
    > Access Policy
      > Logon Pages
        > Logon Page
          + http_401.inc
          + view.inc
          + logon.inc

This is a HTML page with some javascript and some tokens. Find the <body onload="OnLoad()"> for the start of the main HTML which you can play around with to add some static links into.

NOTE: If you do an upgrade on the F5 device you are likely to lose all your customization changes so back them up so you can reapply them post upgrade.

Comments on this Answer
Comment made 2 months ago by Cpet 58

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I provide you details regarding my portal.It is not used for VPN or token ,only published Apps and also used by mobile devises.I found the <body onload="OnLoad()" but i don't know how to add the link,just to input the link into the brackets?Could you show me please? Also ,at what location of the portal the link will be appear ?

Comment made 2 months ago by Cpet 58


Any Help ???

Thank you.

Comment made 2 months ago by Andy McGrath 2563

You need to add the links in the HTML after the body tag <body onload="OnLoad()"

See the following for better idea of the structure of the logon.inc page:

BIG-IP APM Customized Logon Page

Comment made 2 months ago by Cpet 58

Hi Andy,

i think your answer will help me to do what i am looking for

Thank you!