Adding multiple Persistence Profiles to Virtual - primary/secondary?


When I add multiple Persistence Profiles to a Virtual they both seem to end up as defaults. In the GUI they're listed under Default Persistence Profile as "multiple" (without the ability to assign another profile).

Is it possible to specify which one should be the default and which one the fallback?


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What version are you running. In mine (v11.2) I simply have Default and Fallback. How are you adding these multiple profiles?

Ah - that helps. I was trying to add both the default and the fallback by using "persist".

However, it does make me wonder what happens if multiple persistence profiles are added as the default (or rather, under "persist").

Here's what the config looks like in that case:


    persist {
        /Common/cookie {
            default no
        /Common/dest_addr {
            default no
Any idea what the LTM would do with this?




Strictly speaking that shouldn't work. I suspect it might just pick the first one listed but really, one needs to be set as the default (although your first post suggests they are both defaults - doesn't look like it). I doubt two fallbacks are supported.

I would agree, but the fact that is assigning multiple profiles is possible. In my view that's a bug. In addition, assigning multiple profiles renders the GUI option useless, which would be a related bug.

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