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Adding text and a link to the APM Logon Page

Trying to add simple text with a html link to the right side of the page. Code provided by others results in a 500 error. test.html uploaded to webtop, hosted content, manage files and checkmark added to profile name (retain public access) for specific policy.

I have been adding it under AD Auth and Query, Logon Pages, logon.inc

This is the code I have been using:

<? if( $GLOBALS["page_layout"] == "form_left" ){
    ?><td id="main_table_image_cell"><img src="<? print('%[front_image]'); ?>"></td><?
} ?>

Add the following lines in the same place you just removed the code. Make sure the "src" points to the file that was uploaded in the first step.

<td id="include_table_image_cell" style="width:99%" align="center" valign="middle"><iframe frameborder="0" name="status_frame" id="status_frame" style="width:95%;height:95%" src="/public/share/include.html"> </iframe></td>

Around or on line 477 you will need to replace.

<td id="main_table_info_cell">


`<td id="main_table_info_cell" style="width:1%">`
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