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AFM and APM conflict ?

Can anybody explain how AFM is configured and shown in VPE ? Does ACLs in AFM and APM for same resources have any conflicting results using the virtual server.

Example "

APM Config: Virtual server : lease pool : - 5 resource :,

AFM rules: source :any Destination : , port : tcp 80 action : default (Deny)/Accept

Without AFM configuration I am able to have work APM just fine(client gets the ip from the pool and successfully log in into resource). Will there be impact if I configured a deny rule on AFM using policy rule and applied to the virtual server.

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Where is assigned the AFM POLICY? On the global context or on the virtual server?

If it is on the virtual server, AFM won’t block this traffic!

If global context, which is not recommended, It may be blocked!

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Comment made 2 months ago by SH_F5 62

AFM policy is on the virtual server. I believe AFM policy allow or deny access to virtual server (as we apply policy to the virtual server and not to the resource directly )as per schedule? Could you please correct me if I am missing something.