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AJP traffic load balancing

Hi. I have an issue with persistence on traffic for my customer. Device is F5 LTM.

Traffic is as follows : outside --- HTTPS --- -> VIP1 (client SSL , oneconnect , x-forward-for , cookie persistence) -> Apache server (customer managed) --AJP--> VIP2 (port 8009/8010) ---> Tomcat server

Loadbalancing and persistence works great for VIP1 in the scenario above. The problem starts with maintaining persistence to VIP2 and donwstream to the Tomcat.

I have not seen any profile built in for AJP traffic. We already tried src_addr but it did not help. Based on what I read so far I am lead to believe that Universal Persistence with an iRule might be the way to go. However I am not sure where to dig deeper or how to approach this.

Any advice on where I should dig next ? NOTE : The apache server decides whether it forwards traffic to the 8009 or 8010 port VIP.

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