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Anybody set up LTM virtual edition on Amazon AWS?

Did anybody succeed in setting up LTM virtual edition on Amazon?




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Hi Thomas,

I don't believe this is possible for now due to architectural and licensing issues.

Hi Aaron,

licensing issues can be resolved - as well I see no big difference whether one installs on a VMWare VM or an Amazon VM.
From a technical point one can instantiate VMWare VDMK images on Amazon which become converted to Xen but I doubt as well that this works out of the box in this case.

I heard F5 is planning to offer something on AWS - but have not details yet.
Well, Amazon has an F5 AMI now, and I was able to get an F5 Strongbox eval license installed on the AWS Instance, but now I am confronted with "An error has occurred while trying to process your request." when trying to configure the device. If anyone here has done this by now, please share your experience.


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