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API calls to analytics not working

Hi, I'm using v13 and trying to get information from analytics module via REST API. The first call to


works fine and I get a list of Policies with the count of enforced Entities:

    "kind": "tm:analytics:asm-enforced-entities:report:reportstats",
    "selfLink": "https://localhost/mgmt/tm/analytics/asm-enforced-entities/report?options=view-by%2Cpolicy&ver=",
    "entries": {
        "https://localhost/mgmt/tm/analytics/asm-enforced-entities/report/~TEST~asm_test": {
            "nestedStats": {
                "entries": {
                    "enforcedEntitiesCount": {
                        "description": "55"
                    "tmName": {
                        "description": "/TEST/asm_test"
        }, ....

But when I try to get detailed information with the Link from the reply:


the call fails:

    "code": 400,
    "message": "Found unexpected URI tmapi_mapper/analytics/asm-enforced-entities/~TEST~asm_test.",
    "errorStack": [],
    "apiError": 1

I've tried it without the Partition without success.

I have the same issue with


Can anyone help or resolved the same issue?

regards, Philipp

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