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APM and Citrix ICA file connectivity

Having some challenges with 'what should be simple' NetScaler -> F5 APM (Citrix 6.5 WI) migration and ICA files to successfully connect. Per the new iAPPs template and the fact that this is WI only scenario I've configured my front-end LTM (no xml brokers) and APM with typical policy along with variable assignment after users pass LDAP:

session.citrix.sta_servers expr {"http://somedomain.com:8080/scripts/ctxsta.dll;http://somedomain2.com:8080/scripts/ctxsta.dll";}

session.logon.last.domain expr {"somedomain"}

:: I'm able to hit subdomain.com:8080 from CLI and /var/log/apm showing the server / sessions. I did notice that the server name I'm getting has some 'extra' chars in it though vs the ICA file when I open it. The ICA file also has server/tokens/proxy assigned when I look at it.

My error is that "Cannot connect to the server" on the Citrix Client after I launch the ICA. No "err" message in /var/log/apm.

Anyone run into or have any suggestions? Does the Ctrix server team need to add anything on the back-end WI?

Thanks for feedback!

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Comment made 07-Jun-2017 by jk303 80

Version: 11.6.0 HF6


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Well looks like it was a Firewall as F5 was not able to communicate with actual Citrix Servers (inside the ICA) on TCP:2598 on behalf of the end-user.