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APM Assigned Resources reporting

For some compliance/auditing reasons we are required to provide a report on resources (network access, remote desktop, app tunnels and etc based on AD query and group membership) available to a Webtop portal users. Access policy has an AD query step with number of branched. Each branch is assigned to a specific AD group with specific resources. So, I need to provide a list of AD groups and corresponding resources. I have tried to play with reporting utility but don't seem to be getting any luck. It seems to be primarily centered around user session reporting. Is anybody aware of a way to generate such a report. We are on version 13.1.X. Thanks in advance.

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Comment made 1 month ago by AMiles 339

To clarify, are you trying to get a list of the resources each individual user is consuming? Such as bytes in, bytes out, CCUs, etc., or do you want a list of the network/portal resources each different AD group has assigned to a user within that group?

For the first, I do think session reporting is the way to go. For the second, I can't think of anything beyond just looking at the VPE and seeing which resources are assigned to which AD query ending.


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Hi Alex,

Yann already release an article about your nee:


With this article you can log webtop access:

You can currently log the following application types :

  • Portal access
  • Remote Desktop access

The irule provide the additional features :

  • Decode Portal access uri
  • logging of username, apm session and resource name


Hope it help you regards.