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APM customization, error codes

ON APM, error codes are mapped with their respective error strings in a file errormap.inc. This file is global as default value and exists for each Access Policy. I would like to generate a new error condition (depending on Radius server response). Is that possible? Anyone implemented that already?

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You could customize the error messages in the endings of the policy, and get specific regarding Radius by creating an additional ending tailored for that purpose.

Additionally, you can access the built-in error messages using the advanced customization editor, and switching to Localization > Customization Settings > Access Profiles > "The Profile" > Error Messages. Looks like there are a few entries relating to Radius.


Actually the localisation is a clever Idea, Create a Logonpage for "Chinese" or whatever you do not use and use an irule to change the Encoding, so that Page is displayed by need. i.e. normal logonpage is English, error page is English, special errorpage is "Chinese" Was meinsch ? Kind Regards



Sounds like that could work. Just need to be mindful of all of the localizations that you would need to modify, there could be quite a few.