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APM device not supported

Hello All

I am new to the F5 so hope not to ask a question that maybe asked already (I did look and not able to see)

I have a 3rd party having issues connecting to the F5 remotely so I was wondering the best course of action to troubleshoot the problem.

Error I have seen:

Executed agent '/Common/messagebox_epsec_device_not_supported_act_message_box_ag_3' return value 0Common 123481494763780fallbackMessage Box Logging15018426122017-08-04 11:30:12
Following rule 'fallback' from item 'Message Box' to item 'Logging'Common 123481494763781Device not supported.15018426122017-08-04 11:30:12 Logging Agent: Device not supported.Common 123481494763782/Common/messagebox_epsec_device_not_supported_act_logging_ag_3015018426122017-08-04 11:30:12 Executed agent '/Common/messagebox_epsec_device_not_supported_act_logging_ag_3' return value 0Common

Regards ED

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Comment made 11-Aug-2017 by JTI 2356

Hello James,

Could you share more info about the config. and the scenario that is not working.

Maybe could you print the VPE policy it seems you are using APM.


Comment made 11-Aug-2017 by jamesed245 1


Thank you for the response, yes I am using APM. Any ideas on the best way to export the VPE as it is very large.

The issue is, we have a 3rd party trying to connect via SSL but failing with the error above. "Unsupported" I was thinking this is something to with the APM and client side checks we are doing.

The machine in use is a windows 10 running windows defender. The F5 is running 11.6 HF6 Image Text

Regards ED

Comment made 12-Aug-2017 by boneyard 5387

pure guess, but 11.6. is getting old, might be just that.

which browser does the 3rd party use? is the client checker running at all?

do you have a VPE item called Logging anywhere in the flow?

Comment made 12-Aug-2017 by jamesed245 1


Thank you for the response,

With windows 10 and firefox connecting to the F5 makes no difference. Error message is "Sorry, your device is not currently supported by the remote access solution."

With Edge: "There was a problem checking your computers validity. Please contact the Admin desk to resolve this. Please note 64-bit browsers are not supported."

So just to confirm – when prompted to add the site to your Trusted Sites list, you select the option to “always allow” and then open a new instance of IE, as the prompt suggests? And then you get the issue where you’re prompted for credentials again and again – no error messages when you’ve entered these, just straight back to the logon prompt?

Regards ED

Comment made 13-Aug-2017 by boneyard 5387

so does this happen for you also when you test?


Answers to this Question



Did the client upgraded to win10 recently ? Or did he updated the local AV or FW ?

I recommend you to update the EPSEC iso file so you can have the newest AV and FW list on your APM.

After updating EPSEC retry...

Check this KB: https://support.f5.com/csp/article/K48955220

Waiting for your feedback