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APM IDP-Initiated SAML - error SSO config not found

Hi All,

I am pretty new to F5 and SAML, trying SAML authentication for one of my backend application tableau, but my SAML setup not working.I can see error in debuglogs that SSO COnfig - /commom/apm-idp not found

I have done below setup , please suggest where I went wrong.

  1. Created a virtual server
  2. Created local IDP with entity ID :, exported metadeta to import on tableau
  3. Created SP connector from the metadeta from Tableau which includes return URL: https://tableau.local.com:8850 Entity ID: https://tableau.local.com
  4. Used Tableau certs for IDP and SP connector
  5. Binded the SP connector to IDP
  6. Created Access Policy Start--Logon--AD Auth--Allow

SSO --mapped to tableau-apm-idp

I get to login Page using, enter the AD credential, and get the error as below.

This site can’t be reached The connection was reset.

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