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APM open webtop links in new browser tab?


Just wondering if it's possible to open an webtop link in a new browser tab? If i use portal access links it's working, but if I use normal webtop links on the same webtop it's not working and will always be opened in the same tab.

any ideas? Thanks Thrillseeker

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Comment made 17-Oct-2016 by Thrillseeker 291

Update It seems that "normal" webtop links will be openend in new tab. I tested with a simple link to google.com. In my setup the webtop link points again to the Portal VIP (e.g. https://portal.mydomain.com/ApplicationA) which has a default pool assigned. We need that default pool on the portal VIP for a special application where portal access does not work because of a WSS rewriting issue. Also with this approach we do not need additional public IP's for that specific application.

It's strange the new tab stays open only 1-2sec and will be closed and then the website (default pool) will load in the same tab as the previous APM portal site...strange... Everything works, but unfortunately always in the same browser tab.

Any help is very appreciated Thrillseeker


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As far as I can tell, full webtop, resource webtop links always opens up resources in a new tab.

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Comment made 09-Jan-2018 by Juraj 177

Is it possible to configure webtop for the web application to stay in the same tab/window, instead of opening a new tab/window?

Comment made 2 months ago by The-messenger 361

Continuing the original question - is it possible to configure a webtop link to open a new tab and not change the portal tab?

When users click a tab on my webtop link this does open a new tab but the tab they started from changes to from the dynamic portal page to the URI for the webtop link also. Now the user has 2 tabs, both displaying the page for the webtop link. Users expect if they click the tab where they started, they will see the webtop page.

Comment made 2 months ago by Lucas Thompson

Here's an irule that can work around this issue in some cases. Basically here's the basic working condition:

  1. User visits / URL with a new browser session
  2. User is given session cookie and goes through access policy
  3. User is assigned a webtop
  4. User is redirected to webtop URL

Now if the user opens a new tab and does step 1 again, the session is destroyed and they can go through those steps again to get the webtop. The session is only destroyed if a webtop is assigned. If you're using LTM+APM mode (no webtop, it goes to just the pool instead), then the / URI request is simply delivered to the pool server.

You can intercept step 1 and check if a user has a session, then do some custom stuff. This irule is simple to modify to suit your use case.

# apm_dont_logout_if_new_tab
# Tested in v11.4.0
# If you hit APM logon page with another already-logged-in browser tab or window open, your 
# old APM session is destroyed, in favor of the new one. This workaround irule looks up the 
# existing session and will return an error page instead.
# This functionality is different than other typical Web applications, where a log-in is required
# to destroy the old session. APM sets the session cookie *immediately* upon hitting the login page,
# in order to allow a more flexible approach to the programmability of the login process.

when RULE_INIT {
  # mode 1 = display error page on user browser if logged on user is already active
  # mode 2 = redirect the user to their current landing URI (full webtop, etc)
  # Set mode here  \/  

  set static::mode  2


  if { ([HTTP::uri] == "/") && [HTTP::cookie exists MRHSession ] && [ACCESS::session exists] } {

    switch $static::mode {
      1 {
        HTTP::respond 200 content "<html>Please close 
        this browser window or exit your current remote access session before visiting 
        the login page.<br>Or, <a href=/my.logout.php3>terminate your existing session.</a></html>"

      2 {
        set starturi [ACCESS::session data get "session.policy.result.start_uri"]
        log local0. "redirecting to starturi: $starturi"
        HTTP::respond 302 Location "$starturi"
      default {