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APM: OWA Two factor authentication Issue

Hello, - I've exchange 2010, we needed to add APM mainly to add 2FA on OWA, but don't want to pass any other service (outlook, Active Sync, ...) to 2FA baranch,

  • the OWA worked fine as expected, but for outlook it keeps sending authentication pop-up window, even when I enter the username and password it sends the popup window again.

  • I can see from the capture that the 401 HTTP response is coming from F5!

  • the issue disappears when I remove the access policy.

Normal Pass before adding 2FA

login page >> AD auth >> SSO mapping >> allow

after adding 2FA

landing URI (/Owa & /owa/) >>brnach#1>> logon page >> ADP auth >> variable assign >> RSA logon >> RSA auth >> variable assign >> SSO mapping >> allow``

                        `>>branch#2>> allow`

any help to bypass all service from Access policy, noting i tried all solution including disabled access policy inside template default irule!!

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