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APM: Portal Access abnormal behavior

Hello, i've created portal access, but it didn't wotk, i faced abnormal behavior as beblow: 1- although i'm using SNAT automap, the traffic goes with client IP address, also this traffic does't go to the next hop instead it hits in another any ( virtual server, and i can see the incomming vlan.id is "0" which is abnormal, and i'm sure there's no traffic goes to the next hop!

2- when i chnaged teh automap with SANT pool, i can see traffic is going with snat ip but also it went back to F5 hitting on a different VS, i didn't know whta could causde this issue!! below is snip from the capture: PKT#15>> traffic coming out F5 with client IP to server on VLAN==0 PKT#16 >> the same packt is coming back on same vlan, but hitting another VS!! PKT#17 >>> the packet is coming out from this VS. Image Text

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