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APM :: Remote Desktop List :: Monitor Span/Multimon

Has anybody been able to get monitor spanning to work with an RDP access resource?

Neither of these parameters appear to work:

Image Text

I opened a support case with F5 - but the engineer was not entirely helpful.

When asking about Java RDP spanning:

The short answer is no, Span support isn't available for the Java RDP client. It is possible to configure the MSTSC.exe client to support span however if you absolutely need it. This has been brought up as an RFE on multiple occasions and is a limitation of the underlying Java RDP implementation that PD has said they won't change.

When asking about RDP spanning with the native (Windows) client:

I am certain I have seen the mstsc monitor span successful with the *span monitors:i:1*. I don't recall off hand if it was using an access portal or the client itself.

When pressing about the response:

I only saw it work in a lab environment when I was testing against a previous bug with the active x control RDP module. I hadn't configured it, one of my colleagues did and I may have been mistaking what I saw (he may have been connecting directly to a windows box, not through the F5).

Does he just not feel like helping people today? If that was my answer to one of my customers I'd be getting some heat from my boss. </end-rant>

Our SE says that Mac will have an official RDP launch client (non-Java) and the mstsc launcher has some updates in version 13 that's coming out soon. Not sure if that's the root of my problems or not - and I'm not really interested in upgrading to .0 code right now... so I'd really like to get this to work at least on Windows... Mac is what it is at the moment unless I buy the HOB client (which I likely won't get approval for from management - not to mention it will look really bad when I ask for more money to do something we already have working in the environment with the solution we're replacing </really-end-rant>).


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