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APM to second APM in same f5

I have a VIP using APM and in the VPE I'm trying to pass the connection to a second VIP that also needs to go through APM if the user is using a certain URL, something like:

abc.com vs abc2.com

I know I can assign pool members directly in APM or using an iRule, but the plan is to have the second URL to go through its own VIP/Policy.

I've tried assigning the VIP as a pool member and assigning it in a pool assignment tree. I've tried writing an iRule that follows a URL check in APM


switch [ACCESS::policy agent_id] {
    "SP2016_virtual" #name of the rule ID set being called in APM {
        virtual VIP_SP2016
        log local0. "The VIP rule is running"

From the statistics and following APM and LTM logs the first VIP isn't passing the connection onto the second VIP. I don't see APM even trying to route to the second VIP when I go to abc2.com. I also do not see my logging under /var/log/ltm. Kinda stumped here. I'd appreciate any guidance that anyone can provide.

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