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Are there any manually coping feature of mirroring.

Dear all.

Does anyone know the manual way to copy the connection tables and etc for mirroring?

I have to move one of ha-pair bigips from currently shelf to the another.

So, need to shut down the bigip, move it and rack mounting the bigip to the new place, turning on it, I would like to copy the content that mirroring feature needs.

Is it possible?

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Comment made 25-Jul-2018 by Hello world 162

I know re-mirror feature is available when I use fastl4 virtual server.

"K13478: Overview of connection and persistence mirroring (11.x - 12.x)"

"Note: After a failback event, the BIG-IP system re-mirrors only FastL4 and SNAT connections."

Can anyone tell me the way to re-mirror in case of using standard type virtual server.


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