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Are there plans to rewrite the ruby iControl gem to make use of REST API?

We are about to embark on a project that will make use of iControl to configure an F5 appliance using Ruby. Currently there is an existing iControl gem for interfacing with the appliance via the SOAP interface.

Recently there has been a REST API released for configuring iControl with supporting docs.

Are there any plans for F5 to develop a gem that makes use of the REST API? Or, if we were to write a gem, how much public support is there?

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The nice thing about writing for the REST API is that it is far less complex. I've been writing in Python for the REST API and have been able to create functions that handle the core methods, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, and built some logic around transactions. You should find it fairly easy to wrap around the API.

That said, I do hope a "supported" ruby module is made available, it would be nice to have when revamping our own ruby code that uses SOAP.