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ASM module Error


Hello guys,

I made a privisioning at Big IP activating ASM Module, However it's not starting whith sucess.

First the problem was whithin the database, ASM module was not able to connect to it. I solved this issue but now I facing another error.

Big IP utility config is reporting that ASM is not ready. At ASM log files, it reports the following message:

Status Code: 01310027

ASM subsystem error - calling sub 'prepare_files' encountered fatal error: 'Can't exec '/usr/share/ts/bin/prepare_files.pl -site:1 -func:PrepareSiteFiles''

Could someone help me whith this issue?

Thanks in advance


1 Answer(s):

This may be due to an unsupported combination of provisioned modules. What is the platform, version and the modules already provisioned?

you might want to open a case with f5 support and send qkview for analysis.


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