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Auto logout after terminal server session is disconnected


I've recently setup a terminal server connection for a group that only has the one terminal server link provided to them on their firepass home page. I setup the terminal server connection so it would pass on the firepass credentials to the server so when the user clicked on the terminal server link it would automatically login to the server.

This sounded like a good idea when I was setting up the link. However after finding out what users would be using the link and how it would be used. I highly recommend turning off auto login to the terminal server. But as it goes, users hate entering their login credentials more than once and I can't persuade them into turning the feature off.

My question is - Is there a way for the user to be automatically logged out of their firepass session when they disconnect from the terminal server session? This way if a user forgets to log out of their firepass session and walks away from PC, an unauthorized user cannot walk up to the unattended PC and click on the term server link and login without providing user credentials.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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I don't know of a way to combine the two logouts, but you could reduce the inactivity timeout on Firepass. Timeouts can be applied to different master groups, so you could put a user at an untrusted machine into a different master group, which has access to the same terminal server. You could then enforce a shorter timeout when the user is at an untrusted machine. A pre-logon sequence and/or an Advanced Session Variable could determine whether the machine is trusted.