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AVR Analytics

I am unsure about the order in which the creation of analytics profile is done to monitor traffic performance. I understand a VS can only have one analytic profile. But can someone please clarify or elaborate on the order of precedence to create analytics profile for VS or iAPP applition?

what is the step process, which one need to go/do first .. sequence please. meaning do we do analytic profile first then VS/iApps or we do the other way around... thanks.-

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You can do it either way round
- create your virtual, create your Analytics profile, and assign the Analytics profile to the virtual,
- create the Analytics profile, then create the virtual and assign the Analytics profile at the same time.

For an iApp
- if the iApp template has an option for specifying an Analytics profile, you probably want to create the Analytics profile first
- if the iApp template does not have an option to specify the Analytics Profile, it does not matter which order you create the Analytic profile. However, you will need to disable Strict Updates for the iApp so that you can apply the Analytic profile to the virtual server configuration.