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AWS F5 Managed WAF rules not blocking the vulnerabilities

We have subscribed to the AWS Managed WAF rules in our AWS instance and attached with to a WEB ACL and ALB for testing . The default condition for the Rule Set is configured to block and we tried injected few sample OWASP sample blocks for SQL and XSS but the WAF rule set is not blocking them and bypassing to the default action of the WEB ACL to allow .Following are the signature sets subscribed and tried (F5 Rules for AWSWAF—Web exploits OWASP Rules and Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) ). Has any one tried this and succeeded . Any input is appreciated

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Giridharan, Thank you for your feedback and interest in the AWSWAF F5 Rules product.

We are routinely working to improve the F5 Rules product to fix coverage issues. Please feel free to provide any further details regarding the sample OWASP SQL/XSS you used.

Please note that the AWS Managed WAF solution only provides coverage against common and simple attack vectors, and is not meant to replace a state of the art WAF solution.

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Comment made 20-May-2018 by Giridharan 1

Nir Zigler, Thanks for your response . Test cases in the following OWASP link were tried against the managed WAF rules and it was not getting blocked (https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Testing_for_SQL_Injection_(OTG-INPVAL-005)) . Do we have any reference to the attack patterns that the rule set covers