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Base Configuration Review Request

Newb Q: I've been tasked with supporting a revision to an existing config created not with iRues, but with the pull down menus. Is there anyone who could walk through this with me offline and explain some of the fundamental configurations made there-in?

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Comment made 19-Dec-2017 by jaikumar_f5 1929

I doubt that would be a better approach. In forum's you are not supposed to share confidential information's as this will get you in trouble in your organization. Its always better to reach out to the F5 support team, they always help.

Just have your serial number ready and have a case opened. They shall provide you help end to end.

If you still plan to take forum's help, I'd advise to edit confidential data's and post it. Same with the offline friend who helps you.

Comment made 26-Dec-2017 by NAG

If you wish to understand basic F5 functionality and setup process, visit university.f5.com, create a account and go through Web Based Tutorials. After completing those WBTs, I'm sure you could easily navigate and find out what has been setup already.

Comment made 03-Jan-2018 by Leonardo Souza 3174

Just to clarify, F5 support will not review your configuration, that is project work and not support. You can either learn via available resources, or look for help.

You can engage with F5 professional Service or a F5 partner:



We can help you with specific quesitons here in DevCentral, but not a full configuration review.


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You could always hire a contractor or commission a few days consultancy for it.