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BIG-IP DNS and Redirects

So I have a requirement to redirect from one URL, www.test.com/trashsite, to another URL, www.mytest.com/trashsite. This would be easy on the LTM but this is around DNS records. We have www.mytest.com as a Wide-IP A record which has a pool pointing to our LTM configuration so no issues there. The requirement is to take anything coming in with www.test.com and change it to www.mytest.com. Unfortunately, we don't have a LTM configuration for www.test.com and we don't plan to. I was hoping that I could create a Wide IP for www.test.com with no pools and add an irule that would send to www.mytest.com. Is this possible?

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Is the requirement for a redirect (i.e. tell the browser to go somewhere else) or simply to resolve the service to a different address?

A redirect for example tells the browser, to go somewhere else at the HTTP level. So the browser knows to change the FQDN it's accessing and expects the certificate presented to match the redirected name

On the other hand just using DNS to resolve one name (www.test.com) to the address of www.mytest.com. But if you're doing TLS then resolving one name to another service probably won't work. Unless you have a cert on the destination that will handle both its own and the other FQDN.

But essentially yes. As far as directing the requests that should go to www.test.com to go to www.mytest.com, yes you can do that at the DNS level. Will it work? That depends.

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Comment made 3 months ago by Shann_P 358

The requirement is to have anything coming into www.test.com be sent to www.mytest.com while retaining the entire URI. My thought was to create a Wide IP for www.test.com with no pool assigned and then write an iRule at the Wide-IP level that redirects to the www.mytest.com Wide-IP.

My fallback is to create the Wide-IP and assign the same pool that is assigned to www.mytest.com and updated the iRule on the Virtual Server where traffic for www.mytest.com is sent.