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BIG-IP in Offline State After Upgrade from 12.1 to 13.1

I have a BIG-IP VE running that remains in an offline state after releasing the offline state manually following an upgrade. When launching bash, I receive a down message stating localdbmgr is down. After trying to start local localdbmgr I receive an error waiting for mysql to release running semaphore. After trying to restart mysql, I receive an error DB volume script failed (Cannot create volume). When viewing the /var/log/mysql.out log I see there is insufficient space.

Bigstart status localdbmgr Down, waiting for mysql to release running semaphore

Bigstart restart mysql Down, DB Volume script failed (Cannot create volume).

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Following the instructions from the following solution article, I was able to resolve my issue. I was unaware AAM would impact my upgrade though after opening a ticket with support, they confirmed this known issue. You will need to boot back to the original volume, perform the steps in this article, reinstall the new OS on a new volume and boot to that new volume.


Known Issue

The BIG-IP AAM Virtual Edition (VE) system may fail to upgrade. This issue occurs when all of the following conditions are met:

The BIG-IP AAM VE system was previously deployed using the BIG-IP VE ALL image template. For example, you used the BIGIP- image when you deployed BIG-IP VE 11.5.0 on a VMware hypervisor.
You did not provision the datastor disk on HD2 when you provisioned the BIG-IP AAM system.
You attempted to install a later version or hotfix to the next slot. For example, you attempted to install BIG-IP 12.0.0 to HD1.2.