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BIG-IP VE in Amazon Web Services (AWS) - can't reopen port 443

Hello, I am trying to follow the instructions on this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=509OS3x-k1A. I believe this video was made by Suzanne Selhorn of F5 Networks.

At around 9:48 in that video, Suzanne opens the IP of the F5 BigIP Server on a browser at port 443 and she can successfully access her app server through the F5 load balancer.

Previously in the video, she changed the port 443 to 8443 to be able to access the management console on port 8443 as opposed to 443. She then deleted port 443 by typing the command modify net self-allow defaults delete { tcp:443 } but never added it back again.

So, I am not able to reproduce the same behavior she shows in the video. I can't hit the F5 IP on port 443 because I believe its closed and it needs to be added/reopened again.

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Comment made 10-Feb-2017 by selhorn

That tmsh command is removing 443 from the list of management ports; it doesn't have an effect on data plane traffic.

Are you having a problem connecting to your application server? Let me know if there are specific issues I can help with.


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