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Big-IQ Device Status Change Alerts

We recently purchased a Big-IQ devices to replace our end of life Enterprise Manager. I know there is a lot more Big-IQ can do but for now im just trying to do a like for like replacement. The only thing i cant seem to get Big-IQ to do is alert us when a device status changes besides when its offline. In EM we used to get an alert when a unit would go active/standby but not anymore. Without this alert we dont know when our F5s failover. Thanks for any and all replies!

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Comment made 21-Jun-2017 by pponte 145


I have a Big-IQ but it's just a lab environment, so I can't make all the tests I'd like. I configured an snmp trap and I could test I received a notification when the device went down. Unfortunately I don't have an smtp server so I couldn't receive an email. Still working on it

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I haven't seen on big-iq how to choose the alerts you want to receive, It only appears to send traps when a device is unavailable.

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