BigIP 9: Clear RAM cache?


I'm working with a BigIP (version BIG-IP 9.4.4 Build 73.1 Hotfix HF1).
I need a way (best using a script, I've already written a script to enable/disable nodes during nightly deployes) to clear RAM cache, as when we change static contents on web servers behind F5, clients still reiceve old versions of pages/images.

A workaround I'm using is to change, after migration, HTTP profile in our virtual servers.


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You could use a bigpipe command to clear the existing entries from the command line. You can check the 'b profile http help' output for details on the commands. Something like this might work to clear all entries:

b profile http http_profile_name ramcache entry all delete

Thanks Aaron!
Do you know if there's a way to call that command via SOAP?
It looks like iControl provides this functionality as of 9.0.5. I haven't used these methods before though so I don't know if there is anything special to be aware of.

Hi Aaron!

Update: I was able to write a perl script to call "evict_all_ramcache_entries" which seems to work fine.
My boss asked me to find a way to clear cache only for a single http_profile, like the shell command you suggested.

In iControl, VirtualServer object, I can't find a suitable method:

Am I missing anything or is it still unimplemented in iControl?

Thanks for your support!
I'd suggest posting that question to the iControl forum, it will get greater scrutiny there.
you're right! thanks

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