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bigip v12 VE: Swapping ethernet interfaces at boot

Dear magicians, here's another mystery:

I've got a HA cluster running 12.1.3 in production. The interfaces are as they should be:
eth0: Management
1.1: external, running on eth1
1.2: internal, running on eth2
1.3: HA-Sync, running on eth3

I took a copy into my lab, basically following https://devcentral.f5.com/questions/how-to-copy-existing-vip-config-to-other-f5-device-in-command-line .

Now, this didn't work out, I was unable to get any connections besides of the management interface, and even this was unstable while taking the other interfaces to different VLANs.

Eventually, I saw these lines while booting up the lab VE:
iptables: Applying firewwall rules: [ OK ]
Swapping ethernet interfaces: Swapping eth3 and eth0
Swapping eth3 and eth1
Swapping eth3 and eth2
[ OK ]
Bringing up loopback interface: [ OK]

Has anyone a clue why this swapping happens and how to disable it? Everything would be fine without.. ;) No input found so far, neither for bigip nor for centos.

Thanks in advance, HP.

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