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cached memory is 100% for LTM

Image Text

Image Text

Network management software to monitor LTM device cached memory to reach 100%,the second image is system memory information ,can you help me explain "cached memory to reach 100%" ?

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Comment made 18-Apr-2016 by Nathaneil0227 410
Yuan Hi, Is this from Solarwinds? I think high util of cached is normal. Have you tried to open a ticket for this? -Nat
Comment made 18-Apr-2016 by eben 513
RAM cache issue. probable root cause: the alloted RAM cache size might be to low for the resources you want BIG IP to cache. increase the size of RAM cache if you have enough resources for it, or make the RAM cache feature use both the BIG IP memory and DISK.
Comment made 18-Apr-2016 by yuanqiang 389
Hi,athaneil0227,It's from solarwinds; My customer not understand this ,he needs reasonable explanation . Have you encountered similar problem ?

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It looks like a metric of ramcache utilization. 100% Usage in this case is perfectly normal. TMOS does not allow more than x % of RAM to be utilized for caching (webacceleration). Webacceleration (previously known as ramcache) will cache objects until the memory allocation limit is reached, or until there are no objects left to cache - whichever comes first.

You may expect to see lower utilization percentage during low-activity hours. During normal or high activity hours, this metric should always stay near 100%, therefore, I see no good reason to monitor ramcache utilization.

You can see the current limit by typing in the command below:

tmsh list sys db ramcache.maxmemorypercent