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Call iControlREST from a simple web page with AJAX?

Not sure if I'm trying to oversimplify things or if a 'proper' app is needed to use iControlREST.

I've created a basic web page with a PATCH request to iControl, passing basic auth headers and a JSON payload.

Browser appears to send an initial OPTIONS preflight which is failing the F5 auth check, so I'm seeing a "401 F5 Authorization Required" response. I can see in my devtools that the headers "Access-Control-Request-Headers:authorization, content-type" are being sent so I'm not sure why the auth is failing. Are there any CORS issues?

Does iControl need a more in-depth implementation than I'm trying or should this work? Documentation suggests that basic auth should work so I needn't go down the route of tokenization?

Many thanks.

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Comment made 16-May-2018 by Dan Bowman 210

To add - it appears the OPTIONS preflight is being sent due to CORS, but typically auth wouldn't be required for an OPTIONS request.

Are there any user-configurable settings for the /mgmt path on BIG-IP that serves iControl requests?


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