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Can Akamai CDN and GTM work together to achieve ACTIVE ACTIVE Load Balaing

We want to achieve Global server load Balancing with existing Akamai CDN solution scenario as below, Customer is using Akamai CDN solution for few of their Websites by adding CNAME record in the Zone file. For Example: If any request come for abc.example.com then CNAME record is added pointing towards x13.akmainet.com i.e abc.example.com CNAME x13.akmainet.com. Request will go to akmai from there it will come to the Application server hosted in DC, application can only see Akamai IP address as source.

Now customer is building new DC and they want to achieve ACTIVE ACTIVE Load Balancing between two DCs by using GTM. Please help me to understand How can we achieve solution in this case by using GTM? can Akamai and F5 GTM work together ?

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Hi Kunal. I think you can use AKAMAI to forward dns requests to your GTM listeners where the dns load balancing decision will take place. The only issue may be in case you want to take those decisions based on source IP addresses (which will be AKAMAI's). Only sure thing is that you can push clients' source ip address on the http header as true-client IP [HTTP::header value True-Client-IP]. This is similar to what X-Forwarded-for does. Problem I see on the above is how to make GTM see the real Client's IP before an HTTP request starts. I think it needs further research.