cannot connect to mcpd


Hi, I have just created a F5 LTM VE, and when I run the config utility, and introduce all data (IP, netmask, route), BUT I get this error:

cannot connect to mcpd

Can you help me,please?


Thx a lot!

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Hi again, I have stopped chmand process (bigstart stop chmand), as it showed a lot of error messages in console. Perhaps, this is why i got "cannot connect to mcpd".

If I run the config utility with chmand process up, the error message is this:

this operation is only allowed on a primary cluster member

But I only have one F5 LTM VE machine.

Any idea, please?


sounds like you've deployed the version of virtual edition on a hypervisor that it isn't supported on. This is pretty common if you deploy the 10.1.0 trial on vSphere 5.0 or 5.1, for example.

if this is with a later edition on a supported hypervisor,specifically check that the virtual machine guest defintion aligns with the BIG-IP Virtual Edition manual. For example, if you don't use legacy network adapters on a Hyper-V virtual Machine with BIG-IP 11.2.x or older, you'll encounter this.


First of all, thank you for your help.

My machine is BIG-IP VE 10.2.1-297.0 on vSphere 5.0

is this ok? If not, what is the right version of BIG-IP VE to use on vSphere 5.0, please?



you'll need 10.2.3 or later on ESXi 5.0

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