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cannot ping nodes from the f5 ltm vm


i have setup f5 ltm on vmware for practice purposes

i can ping the f5 ltm from the nodes but i cannot ping the node from the f5 ltm

the node is on the net and the f5 ltm on net

the node is using the internal 1.2 and the f5 ltm is using the 1.1 for external

i have setup an l3 switch to do the switching

the default gateway on all the interfaces is .100

but the self ip for the internal node is

please what am i doing wrong

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Comment made 19-Apr-2016 by Chris Grant
What are your self IPs? When you take a packet capture of the Ping to the nodes, what do you see? Are the nodes configured to respond to icmp? Can you ping them from elsewhere? If you initiate a telnet connection from the bigIP to the nodes, does that work? A packet capture of the above troubleshooting should be illuminating.
Comment made 19-Apr-2016 by Theo 390
What is the subnet mask for the Self IP of What is the subnet mask of the nodes? Presuming you don't use route domains, copy the result of `tmsh show net route all` or `show net route all` if you're already in TMOS.

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