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check 3rd party cookie in APM?

Is it possible to check for a inserted cookie from a 3rd party in APM?

We are transitioning our various remote access gateways to F5. In this phase we would like to avoid that users need to authenticate multiple times depending if the resource is already migrated behind the APM or not. It would be very easy now to check the session cookie from the 3rd party device and just authorize the user thereafter.

Thanks for the help!

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not via a specific VPE cookie check element as far as im aware of it. but you can add an iRule event element and check it there.

just checking if specific cookie exists doesn't feel very safe though. would you be able to also check the session ID with the system that hands those out?

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Comment made 26-Jul-2016 by Manuel 210

Thanks for the answer.

I agree that the check for the cookie alone is pretty unsafe. To get the Session IDs we would need to use some kind of API (or something) from the 3rd party device, however no one really wants to put efforts into this as it is end-of-life for us.