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citrix bundles

I'm need to clarify how to configure the citrix bundle for my citrix iapp. The documentation is confusing me. Basically I would like to upload the exe to install the citrix receiver on the BigIP and kick that off if the BigIP detects the client does not have it installed. The documentation seems to do the opposite. Per support:

"In the Download URL field, accept the default location or type the location from which the user can download a Citrix Receiver client. If Access Policy Manager detects that the user's computer is running Windows Citrix Receiver at or above the minimum version that you specify, instead of redirecting the user to this URL, APM performs an action based on the Source setting."

So it's only using the package source information if the user alredy has the client installed? That doesn't make any sense.

Any help is appreciated.


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Hi Greg,

Their are two choices when configuring the client bundle. You can supply the receiver installation file you wish to install on the users device, or you can redirect them to the supplied url. APM detects weather or not the device has receiver installed, and if it does not, supplies them with one of these two options.

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Comment made 28-Jan-2014 by Greg 103
That's how I would expect it to work but that is not how the documentation reads. It says if the APM detects that the receiver IS running then it moves on to the two options in the source. I tested and verified this, with an uploaded package installation file, the client was still redirected to the initial download URL in the bundle config to complete the installation.