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Citrix Receiver can I force the web interface first

I'm running the citrix iapp, latest version 2.4.2. The iapp creates a path for the receiver and web interface, I want to see if anyone knows how I can prevent direct access through the receiver. I want to be sure users go through the web interface first.

I'm running DUO for 2 factor, works great but requires the web browser login.

I know DUO works direct with Citrix and Citrix itself does multi-factor authentication but I want to do all I can to keep the process through DUO for consistency. I have a portal that includes citrix.

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Comment made 06-Dec-2017 by ssharrett14 54

I would just take the reciver branch off of the policy.

Comment made 10-Jan-2018 by The-messenger 361

Thanks to ssharrett14, I can remove the Receiver leg of the policy to prevent access without the Radius step.

Is it possible to add a Radius Auth step to a Citrix Receiver Access Policy?


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