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Citrix Receiver error when connecting externally

Using F5 11.6.0 Hotfix HF6 6.0.442 with the latest iApp to proxy ICA traffic via StoreFront 2.6. Using the same FQDN internally and externally.

Web based access works fine but Citrix Receiver access does not work externally.

I have found that the problem is that when connecting externally something is altering the beacons (which are configured correctly in StoreFront) supplied to the Receiver to put the FQDN in both the internal and external beacons. So the client ends up with two internal beacons - one pointing to the StoreFront configured beacon which isn't accessible on the Internet and one pointing to the FQDN which is, of course, accessible on the Internet. Because Receiver can contact this one "internal" beacon it results in the Receiver thinking that it is on the internal network and so it fails to create the connection.

Internal access with Receiver is fine and if I only use internal access the beacons are as per those configured in StoreFront. It is only once I have created a connection through the F5 that the beacons get altered.

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Personally, I prefer removing Storefront and using F5 APM only, it's a more easy way to integrate Citrix and it works fine. When I need to identify internal and external published apps, I use Citrix Smart Filters.


I am not positive beacons are supported, but I would open a case to get a definitive answer from support.

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Comment made 15-Mar-2016 by Andrey Terentyev
I believe we do support beacons but we have a logic to insert StoreFront Store FQDN as an internal beacon (which we do for historical reasons as older StoreFront versions did not specify it). This breaks single FQDN deployments where Receiver Client thinks it is talking directly to StoreFront if it can resolve internal beacon (StoreFront Store FQDN). The workaround is to use different FQDNs for APM VS and StoreFront Store.

Has anyone figured out a way to make single FQDNs work without replacing the storefronts with the F5?