counting number of total connections to VIP during time period

I am tasked with finding a way to calculate the total number of connections that were established to a VIP during a time period. I am aware that we will need to use some kind of logging to log each connection that is established. What is the easiest "built in" way to do this logging within the f5 itself?


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Do you know in advance what interval you want to count the requests for? If so, you could clear the VIP stats at the start and then check the VIP stats at the end of the interval? If not, can you provide more detail on the scenario?

We need to count the number of total connections to VIP every 24 hours (every day at midnight). Yes, resetting the statistics would be a viable solution. Is it possible to reset the statistics just for a single vip? or does everything need to be reset? Also, can I get the statistics by issuing a command in the linux cli? I would need to scp the statistics to another server where we create a PDF report automatically every night.


You can view/reset the VIP stats using 'b virtual':

b virtual VIP_NAME or b virtual VIP_NAME stats


b virtual VIP_NAME stats reset

You could do this and scp the output via a script called from crontab.

This is exactly the info I needed. Thx Aaron. What a great community.
super old post but I know hoolio is always around ...

does the BigIP record anywhere the date when the stats for a virtual has been cleared? like of like on a cisco router "Last clearing of 'show interface' counters"

i hate to flush the stats on the system everyday just for reporting.
I don't think audit logging for bigpipe or the GUI records stats being reset. I did a quick test on 10.2.1 and don't see anything logged. And this type of data isn't displayed anywhere I know of if it is even recorded.

I just tested this on 10.2.0 - "bigpipe" audit logging must be enabled. When it is, the command "tmsh reset-stats ltm virtual " gets logged to /var/log/audit. When bigpipe audit logging is not enabled, there is no entry in /var/log/audit.

I was going to claim that I get the audit entry when I reset the stats for one particular virtual, but not others. But I was grepping for the wrong string...duh. I stand by my statement above.

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