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cpcfg command and Force offline option

Hi all,

I would like to ask a question after some research that I did regarding the force offline option and cpcfg command. I read on this F5 solution (https://support.f5.com/csp/article/K14009) that there is a db value named failover.forceoffline which is related to the way force offline mode is handled after a system reboot. During an upgrade process I observed that this db value is been copied to the new specified partition by using the cpcfg command along with the --verbose option. I tried to copy the config (version 13 -> version 13HF2) by using cpcfg command while the standby unit was NOT in forced offline state and then I forced the unit to offine. Booting the unit to the new partition came up with the new version appeared as online(standby). Doing the same process BUT having the standby unit in forced offline mode and then cpcfg did the trick (when unit came up to the new partition was in a forcedoffline state). Can someone plase confirm all the above. Is it true that db keys are being copied by using the cpcfg command ?


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