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deployment of a Vlan in big-iq 5.2

is it possible to deploy a vlan created in Configuration tab, Network->Vlan , in a big-ip device. Because in Deployment tab i don't find the option to evaluate&deploy the vlan.

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Comment made 01-Jun-2017 by Hagai

The deployment of VLAN is done under the "Local Traffic & Network"

Image Text When you are deploying that module it will include all supported BIG-IQ LTM, network, and system items. In the network, section VLAN will be part of the supported items (self-ip, route, route-domain, DNS resolver and interfaces are the other objects for version 5.2).


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You can create the vlan in BIG-IQ, and push to BIG-IP devices. Just create in the Networks/VLANs, then deploy in the Local Traffic/Network section

If you create the vlan in the BIG-IP, you can see in the BIG-IQ, but I don't see any option to push that to another BIG-IP.

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Comment made 18-May-2017 by pirusti 190

Hi Leonardo, thank you for your reply. I couldn't deploy the vlan to big-ip because i was trying to do it "partially". Then i discovered that it is possible only when you do a "Evaluation --> Source -->All changes" .

Comment made 01-Jun-2017 by Hagai

Leonardo, VLANs are device specific configuration items. As such, you cannot push them to another device.

If you want to deploy a new VLAN to a device you must create it and define the BIG-IP device that it belongs to. After that operation, a Local traffic and network deployment to that device will create the new VLAN.

Image Text

Comment made 01-Jun-2017 by Leonardo Souza 3174

Sorry, but I don't see the relation between shared/non-shared objects in BIGIP and BIGIQ functionality. There is nothing technically that prevent BIGIQ from providing this functionality.

If I have a production pair in one data center and a DR pair in another one, both data centers with the same network addresses internally. Would be helpfull to be able to copy a configuration from prod to DR, including VLANs and non-floating self IPs.

For example, I can only create HTTP/HTTPS monitors in the BIGIQ, and I can't clone any monitor (copy to another device). A TCP monitor is a shared object, so using your logic, I should be able to do that in the BIGIQ.

Resuming, that is because the functionality was not implemented, and not because how BIGIP works.