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Disable node based on port check

Hi There, I know this has been asked before however I am still not sure how this can be done. As per the title I would like to disable a node based on its port check via health monitor.

Scenario we are hosting application which are being load balanced by F5. So I have a pool of servers with multiple services.

From time to time we have seen that our apps engine will go down but your Apache will still up and without app engine Apache wont be able to serve anything.

Current setup:

Server pool with 2 servers and 2 services per server, health monitor TCP 1 standard VS with default pool with persistence profile.

If one the service from one the server dies I need to be able to disable the entire node. I take it this can be done using an iRULE but question is how to?

Any help or suggesting will be highly appreciated.


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i may be over complicating things but could you create a new tcp monitor with an alias service port which will monitor the app service. You could then add this monitor along with the regular tcp monitor to the pool member and ensure that both health checks must pass. Then if either go down then both pool members with the same node will do down.


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Comment made 12-May-2015 by Max Q factor 703
I concur with nathan on his response.
Comment made 16-May-2015 by mr.evil 279
Another way to do this, since we will be doing this for http and https - can create a custom monitor to look for response code 200 | something else, this might achieve what I am trying to do here. Should have been more clearer that purpose for this monitor/disabling node. I will update once I am done with testing. Already created one to check port 80 that seemed to work but now need to do that for port 443.