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Docushare through APM

We are attempting to run a Docushare web scanner application through APM that requires NTLM authentication. The Application has to access a scanner on the local device using[port]/dcp/...... The port number is not random, but there could be more than one.

I have tried to split tunnel the portal page and network access list. However none of these are working as the call for the[port]/dcp/.... is created dynamically on the client through .js or .css variables that are passed to the client. All The F5 ever sees in the stream is the .js and .css code, not the variable names and values.

Since the F5 does not see the call from the client until the client attempts to make the call, it is rewriting the host to be https://f5-portal.net/f5-w-687...$$/dcp/* (example URL only) and dropping the[port]/dcp/*

Can anyone help me with how to make this work properly? All suggestions are welcome. BTW, redirect does not work as there are multiple ports that the local scanner could be listening on.

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Comment made 3 months ago by ga 5

I really need some help here. Is this even possible for a portal page? I have now gotten some of it to work by putting in a new portal rewrite with split tunneling and bypassing all uri's that have the local host being loaded to the variables. However, it is still not working. The Modernizr call and the ability to transfer data between the portal and local scanner are still not working. has anyone attempted to transfer data between the local device and the portal page? This is not a VPN, it is just a portal page that allows scanned documents on the PC to be uploaded to the server.


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